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CBS Consulting was founded in 2012 in Dubai, UAE - one of the world’s most vibrant markets. Our team of management consultants includes international experts with different industry backgrounds and hands-on experience in business problem solving. We constantly challenge established thinking in order to find the solutions which best suit our customers and deliver success. The creation of sustainable market advantages drives us to constantly reinvent ourselves via constant reflection and evaluation.

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Since we are on the market for quite a while now, we have made numerous remarkable experiences and have many inspiring success stories to tell.

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Management Consulting

New market development and diversification are a common cause for organizations to grow organically. Developing the right strategy and keeping all relevant success and failure factors in mind, is fundamental for growing businesses. Our consulting expertise starts with strategy development at a corporate level. We also focus on business strategy as well as on the functional strategy level. Since organizational growth usually requires changes within existing structures, we also accompany our clients from an early stage to operational implementation. This includes the alignment and development of it-landscapes as well as tactical marketing and sales development.

Marketing Consulting in Ras al Khaimah
Marketing Consulting

In Marketing Consulting we start with the evaluation and the definition of your vision and objectives. We work on the business model that will be implemented and focus on the market entrance strategy. A market analysis will give more information about the competition and

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We offer IT-Solutions in Ras al Khaimah

In terms of IT, we offer everything that boosts your growth. We guide from the very beginning, starting with the IT-Strategy for your business, up to the implementation. We offer secure cloud solutions for SME’s, evaluation and implementation of ERP and CRM systems,

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E-Commerce Consulting
E-Commerce & Sales

We do not only support our clients with developing their marketing strategy and identifying new market opportunities but also help them to finally break into the market by supporting their local sales activities. For this, our online shop solutions are indispensable to strengthen your

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Accounting & Auditing Services

After much talk and speculation, the VAT has finally been implemented by January 2018. VAT, however, may turn out to be a complicated affair with heavy penalties if the organization fails to identify the true impact of the VAT and plan for it accordingly. Our specialists make it their business to know enough about yours so that they can anticipate challenges and problems, and act quickly to deliver a solution, leaving you to get on with your business. We never forget the most important aspects of any VAT solution: It must be practical, it must advise you what to do and it must not create a different problem elsewhere. If you are concerned that you may be facing a challenge or overlooking a potential risk or have a particular VAT issue on your mind, our team of VAT specialists can help. Taking the time to study and assess your business will help pinpoint areas where we can work together to make your VAT efficient and compliant. Find out more about what we can do for yours.

VAT Advocacy
VAT Advocacy

All businesses have to deal with VAT-Authorities from time to time and there are a number of ways we can help to relieve the pressure this puts on your organization. As your registered VAT-Agent, we will

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VAT Management
VAT Management

We can complete your VAT returns for you, leaving your staff free to give their attention to other business issues. We can also handle the process of making a VAT refund claim in case your business

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VAT Consulting
VAT Consultancy

We can consider any VAT issues that might arise from your business and make sure that VAT does not compromise your operations. We can also help you with a smooth and hassle-free implementation.

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Our Clients

Our clients are companies from Europe and the Middle East. They are leading in their industry and include restaurant chains, wholesalers and manufacturing companies. Despite their different backgrounds, our clients share their high standards for their service providers. We are proud of meeting these standards and of the long-lasting business relationships that connect us. For us, this proves that customer focus, expertise and strategic partners are success factors that make the difference.

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